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CNA Practice Test: 5 Excellent Options to Choose From

Making the decision to pursue a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant means jumping the most important hurdle: passing the certification’s required competency exam. In order to set the stage for success, candidates should prepare the best they can for the CNA practice test. When test day comes, practice tests make the difference between a nervous, clammy test taker and a calm, prepared test taker who has done their homework. Simply put, using online resources to help practice for the CNA exam is not just a good idea, it’s smart, too.

Designed to evaluate a candidate’s readiness for the medical field, the CNA competency exam (sometimes termed the NNAP) consists of two portions – the written exam and the skills exam. The written exam is a standardized test meant to evaluate knowledge of the field, in the form of 50 multiple choice questions. Typically, the exam has three sections: Physical Care Skills, Psychological Care Skills, and questions on the Role of a Nurse’s Aide. That may seem like a lot to cover, but fear not. The good news is there’s time to practice, and websites to help you get the highest scores possible via practice tests.

Using the web to leverage your study skills is a must. The essential learning tools provided on these sites can strengthen confidence in testing, and help to drill in the basics and not-so-basics that will be covered on the exam. Four of the five resources listed below are free…not bad considering the potential payoff once candidates pass certification. Remember to set a study schedule and use a variety of resources when preparing. The same basics to test taking apply from grade school- get a good night’s sleep, eat a healthy breakfast, and most of all, study!

The five sites below offer great ways to begin your progress towards obtaining a certification and passing the CNA written examination. These are by no means an exhaustive list of all the resources for virtual CNA exam study resources, but they’re a great start for building a solid study schedule. Above all, make sure to carefully research your state’s specific guidelines, and see if the local board of nursing has practice tests or recommended resources available. By pooling all of the different opportunities to study, candidates can position themselves to an even higher degree of success. The testing for a Certified Nurse’s Aide may not be easy, but the rewards on a personal and professional level will make all that studying pay off.

1. Prometric Practice Test (click to go to site)

A leader in the testing industry, Prometric’s 10 page nurse’s aide practice test is a true to form 50 question multiple choice exam. The sample test is provided for free in PDF format, so participants can print the practice test to paper or jot down their answers in a notebook. Prometric’s exam is free and straightforward, and developed by one of the industry’s best in test prep. Make sure to set a timer when taking the practice test, and don’t peek at the answers…they’re on the last page to help check progress.

2. Pearson Vue (click here)

This is a great resource for Certified Nursing Assistant candidates. Prospective CNA’s can choose the state in which they want to practice from a drop down menu, which in turn provides links to a candidate fact sheet, candidate handbook, testing sites, a practice exam, and certification applications.

The candidate handbook is a must read, and provides basic information on what to bring to the exam, fees, content outlines, and more. California’s handbook, for example, outlines the regions where nurse’s aides work, gives tips on correctly filling out applications, and gives specific details on the exams themselves.

The handbook lets candidates know that California’s written exam is 70 questions given over the span of two hours, and covers topics on Physical Care Skills, Psychological Care Skills, and the Role of a Nurse’s Aide. This is invaluable information for future test takers. The majority of states also include a link to the state’s health department.

3. NNAAP Nurse Aide Practice Exam and Packet (click here)

NNAAP is another acronym which stands for National Nurse Aide Assessment Program, the equivalent of a CNA. This 13 page PDF document gives a thorough practice exam with instructions on setting a timer and eliminating distractions to simulate a real testing environment.

The content outline shows the three main areas of the test: physical care skills, psychological care skills, and the role of the nurse aide. Answers are on the last page. This is a basic test, but given the source and outline, still worth the time and effort.

4. aQuire CNA Training (click here)

The state of Oregon has done something unique and interesting for CNA candidates. Partnering with aQuire training, candidates who have been accepted to clinical training programs can access aQuire’s CNA training program online, which is approved by Oregon’s Board of Nursing. For Oregon residents, the courses are free.

For those residing in one of the other 49 states, the CNA prep coursework, including videos and practice tests, is $39.95. The cost includes over 15 step by step skills videos and review exams. The online environment is a convenient and easy way to prepare and review materials before taking the Certified Nursing Assistant written exam, one that will fit into candidates’ busy lifestyles without breaking the bank.

5. Illinois’ Sample Online CNA Practice Test (click here)

While this test is geared towards nursing aide candidates in the state of Illinois, the easy to use online format and customizable number of question generator make this a great tool for studying in any state. The site is very clear (bold font, in fact) on mentioning that none of the practice questions appear verbatim on the exam, but they are similar to the exam content.

The best feature is you can plug in the number of questions you’d like the practice exam to generate, click your answers, and receive an instant online scoring report. If there’s just 10 minutes to study, choose 5 questions. If you’re feeling ambitious, try 85 (the max) practice questions and see how you do.